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Unknow Friends Club Make New Friends and Do Table Top Escapes

Come along to the Unknown Friends Club for an enchanting experience solving puzzles, unlocking secrets and making new friends. Expert or newbie, solo or with a crew - all are welcome!


Do I have to come every month?

Not at all, come once or come every month - we think you might want to come more than once...!

Can I come by myself?

Of course, there will be 'unknown friends' that you can have fun solving Table Top Escapes with, that's the flavour of the night!. You can change team mates for each one you do.

Can I bring a group of friends?

Yes of course the more the merrier! Our Table Tops are designed for 2-4 people to solve together, you can mix up your teams for each new challenge.

Do I have to stay for 2 hours?

If you get held up and arrive a bit late or need to duck away early that's fine... there are no strict times for starting a Table Top, it's a relaxed night of fun. 

Do I have to book?

Yes you need to book, spaces are limited each month to 18 people.

Could I bring 18 people?

You can get in touch and we can arrange a Table Top event for your group, at a date that suits you.

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