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*NEW *Table Top Escapes* NEW*

Catch clues, ponder puzzles, and solve problems with a friend...

... to sort out the pickle you find yourself in!

These escapes are contained in a 'box' and ready to play anytime in a private space in our lounge area.

Pop in anytime for a unique Escape experience!

No booking necessary.

Designed for 2 people, approx. 30 mins, $10 pp 

More themes being designed all the time!

WEDNESDAY - TTT - Table Top Time

Wednesday nights  6-8pm, as many TT as you can do in 2 hours, for $30 pp

  - come with a friend!

Spaces limited - Booking necessary

Book an Exclusive TTT Event

Come and enjoy playing our Table Tops here on site OR enquire about us bringing them to you!

Ask about Special Rates to book an exclusive TTT night for your friends, family or staff. 

 Minimum 12 - Max 18 players

"Solving puzzles within a small space on a tabletop is incredibly satisfying, and an idea that we have yet to see anywhere else in New Zealand. Not only that but the quality of the puzzles and environment made for an addictively engaging experience that will keep us coming back for more with family and friends." - Zoe Liddle

"Table Tops by Get Out Escape Rooms is such a cool concept! Had a blast making my brain work outside the box to figure out how to get in the box! If you’ve thought about doing an escape room but haven’t got around to it, what are you waiting for?! Great first step and excellent if you can only wrangle one friend!" - Dana Genefaas

"I took my daughter and 3 of her friends to try the table top games for her 12th birthday and WOW, it was a great experience!! Did not disappoint and the games they did were challenging, got them thinking and all of their confidence grew once they got the hang of it! They had a great time. Thank you Sandra for this wonderful experience, and right on our door step too. Highly recommended!! We will be returning again" - Bertie Pendleton

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