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Join us at Get Out! Escape Rooms for entertainment that’s perfect for families, friends, tourists and co-workers! We’ll give you and your team a unique opportunity to work together on puzzles, find clues and use your problem-solving skills to escape... before it’s too late! If you’re looking for a way to challenge your mind, challenge your teamwork skills and have fun, book today!

  • Step back in time to the Wild West

    First visit $35pp
  • Will a meal out with friends go to plan?

    First visit $35pp
  • What is going on at this little craft shop?

    First visit $35pp
  • Join the search for Nicolas Flamels stone....

    First visit $35pp
Chained Door
Escape Room Items
Combination Lock

Opening Hours

Wed/Thurs/Fri from 4pm

Sat/Sun from midday 

For large group bookings contact us to discuss an alternative time


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55 Alexandra Street, Te Awamutu


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